Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yes, We're Alive!

New chapter of life = New blog! I'm going to go ahead and keep this one public so that it's easy for family/friends to access, but that means we won't be sharing too many details about our "fabulous" life. If and when the time comes that we need to make this page private again, I'll let you know.

Anyway, so where have we been? Hiding under a rock? Actually, we've been hiding under about 2 feet of snow! I'm SO thankful that it's finally March. We're watching the 5' Frosty melt slowly in our backyard and ready for warmer weather. March not only means warmer weather, but it also means that I finally get some much needed adult interaction. I'm back at work full-time and incredibly grateful to have 8 hours of vacation every day. Zachary and Noah enjoyed 4 snow days home almost as much as Mom and Dad enjoyed daycare drop offs the past few days. Other than surviving the weather, there's not a lot to update you on right now. We just wanted everyone to know that we are still alive and hope you are doing well and staying healthy! Here are a few pictures from snowstorm Rocky. 

Absolutely my most favorite photos in a LONG time! 
These will end up printed and hanging somewhere in this house.

PS: For those of you who asked, we obviously have never taken you to our favorite family hangout. Deanna Rose was an Overland Park police officer in the '80s and she died while on duty. OP opened a farmstead (think very large petting zoo full of goats, cows, horses, etc. with several playgrounds throughout, a fishing pond, tractors to ride, and tons more). And the best part is - it's free and only a few miles away! Next time you're in town, we'll take you.

J & K

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