Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back up and running!

This year has been jam packed with so many events and memories that blogging hasn't been a high priority...yet, it needs to be done! Some mom's scrapbook, some are extremely organized, and I am neither - just step foot in our back room and you'll agree. Blogging has been a way for me to journal our family events; however, the past 6-7 months have been more about making memories with the boys rather than documenting them, so that just means I'll have to fill in the blanks a bit to catch us up.

February and March brought lots of snow. Thankfully I captured the Home Depot snowman in the first post, but those months also brought birthdays for the two super-adorable little men in our household.  Noah turned 3 in February and Zachary turned 5 in March. This year the two opted for a combined springtime party at Deanna Rose Farmstead. The entire school was invited (40+ kids) and we had about 25 show up plus their siblings and parents. As the Cat in the Hat would say, it was an "adventurous" day.

I simply cannot get enough of Noah in his Thing 1 shirt, so here is a slide show of our mini male model and his amazing collection of facial poses... this is definitely a trait he has picked up from his mama.

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Grandpa and Nana also paid the boys a visit and we celebrated at Fritz's train restaurant. The boys love this place (trains deliver food to your table) and I think Grandpa and Nana enjoyed their cheeseburgers with hashbrowns. ;) Not pictured is me on the other side of the table wearing my "twinkie" outfit with Nana.

If I didn't capture at least one bath shot a year, I think I'd lose the mom of the year award, so here are my keepers for this year! Noah has finally started going to barber Jim with dad and Z and he's learning the art of sitting still.

You caught a glimpse into March with Zachary's bday shirt above (that was on his birthday and yes the boys shared the shirt this year) and the outdoor party was actually in April, but March and April were full of MANY more events.

Zachary woke up on St. Patrick's Day and before mom and dad were out of bed he decided to plaster the front of the house with a few signs. I only saw them 12 hours later when I went outside to get something. For those of you who are "kid writing" challenged, it say "No Leprechauns Allowed." Last year at school when the kids were outside, the teachers trashed the classroom turning chairs and tables upside down, putting footprints on the walls and ceilings, etc. and then left a note saying the leprechauns stopped by. Z decided he would protect our house this year and boy did that sign do the trick! We didn't see any that day.

Here is Z on his actual birthday! He had a Star Wars cake after a night of bowling and he was even so kind to take a very rare picture of mom and dad.

Easter this year was very quiet and low key. We actually made it to church early enough to sit in regular pews instead of the overflow pews we've been forced into the past few years due to running late with the kiddos. We hunted for a few eggs in the backyard and mom made a nice Easter ham for lunch.

I mentioned that the boys had their birthday party at Deanna Rose in April. We went about a week before the party and wandered around. I was so excited to see the collage that I put together was on display in the entry area. The boys LOVED seeing their baby pictures and their faces on the wall as well. This place definitely holds a lot of family memories for us and the boys will always remember these days.

Mom also herself I might add...a double doctor's appointment. With birthdays being so close together, we can do combined annual exams. I've never wanted to in the past because of shots, but this year seemed like it would be much easier until it came time to pee in a cup. That is one experience I can't wait until they are old enough to do on their own.

That weekend we had our first family outing in a long time. We took the boys to Legoland in downtown KC. It was fun for about 30 minutes. Just doesn't quite live up to the hype or the cost! We'll save our pennies for the real Legoland that we'll be visiting in August. We also went next door and tried out the aquarium. It was a bit better, but again another 30 minutes and then we moved on.


What springtime album would be complete without a little allergy photo opp. Z is definitely his mama's boy and unfortunately this lasted for about 2 weeks this year instead of the typical 1 week. He was drugged from sun up til sun down.

May...oh, how I love May! It's one of the few months each year where we get to be outside almost every day and just enjoy every minute. It's also a very BUSY month! Z and N were able to go on a combined field trip. They usually go on the same field trips, just separate days based on age group, but I was able to get Noah into the big kid class so I could tag along with both boys. Guess where we ended up...Deanna Rose!

Mom and Dad also took a field trip one beautiful Saturday evening. Our dear friend, Christine, was a life saver several times in the past year and watched the boys while Jason and I went to a charity event and had a little wine while we were at it. We kept bidding in the silent auction and then never remembered to get back in time to increase our bid to win. Oh well, at least we made the other person pay more. :)

Mother's Day was just as perfect as it always is! How could it not be with the three most amazing men! Jason and the boys made me breakfast in bed - and YES, the pancakes spell I "Heart" U! Zachary made me a beautiful drawing of sunflowers and then we were off on our annual trip to Suburban Lawn and Garden to pick out some flowers for the pots and drive the golf cart around. We then stopped and got some groceries for dinner, the boys rode a mechanical horse for the first time and then came home for a much needed nap.

May also brought preschool graduation for our big boy (sniff sniff)! We will be keeping him at the Montessori school for Kindergarten and he's so looking forward to switching classes in August. Several of his "best friends" will be staying as well, so it will be a great year! Zachary was patient enough to let Mom take a photo of him with all of his teachers (Mr. Daryn, Ms. Danielle, Ms. Emily, and Ms. Taylor) and then the photo below that is of course the boys with their adopted "Aunt" Christine!

The end of May brought about exciting times for family members! Banana-Nana retired from teaching and Uncle Danny made it 1/2 way across the country to spend the summer at home. The boys have loved spending time with him this summer and will miss him.

Here are a few family pics from the local arboretum!

and some of early summer time fun... with Zoe, too!

In June, we started making some much needed home updates! We took the carpet out of the dining room and piano room and put down new hardwoods in the kitchen as well. We're also having our kitchen cabinets painted and then... a LOT more painting!

One of the many ways we are getting through the summer (and enjoying every minute of it) is through memberships to the KC Zoo, Union Station, Deanna Rose, and Worlds of Fun! Those 4 places keep us busy on top of trips to the library and neighborhood pool. Below are some pics from our fun activities - Thomas the Train and Sprint Family Fun Days. 

In mid-June we made a trip into JC. Jason, Nancy and I took a tour of the Missouri State Prison - they were brave enough to sit in the gas chamber. We joined even more family members on Saturday for a "Color Run." Needless to say, JC has a bit more practice to get it right. Joey was the only one to really leave with a lot of color and that's because he laid on the ground and rolled in it.

And of course, I can't resist sharing photos from several of our trips to Worlds of Fun. We even had the rare opportunity to go with my mom and kids and meet up with cousins a few weeks ago. It was a blast!



This is probably too much information, but I can't resist documenting this moment. We have three kinds of bandaids in our house - Superheros, Mickey Mouse, and Dora (for some phase that Zach went through a few years ago). I cut myself a few weeks back and had to wear an adorable Dora bandaid for a few days. So on our trip to Wal-Mart, I decided to pick up some cheap brown bandaids. Noah decided he wanted to help me pick out some bandaids and decided the yellow box would be sufficient!

Hopefully after that last picture you can still see straight enough for the early July photos. All three boys had their first drive-in movie theater experience. We saw Monsters University and it was packed and thankfully so, since we had to have the car next to us give us a jump at the end of the night. The boys had the first week of July off, so we were able to enjoy the zoo, library, and a local park... as well as some yummy s'mores the suburban way (over a grill).